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The Manservant Mysteries: The Haphazard Adventures of an Inspector and his Manservant

is a series chronicling the adventures of Inspector Beauregard Pilkington and his manservant, Marmaduke. Inspector Pilkington is a retired detective from Scotland Yard—a terrible detective who does not hesitate to misinterpret clues or put his foot in it. Luckily no one notices as Marmaduke has enough common sense for the both of them. Wherever they go, murder is not far behind and it’s up to the bungling Inspector to solve the case, while Marmaduke prevents him from making things worse.

Out Now: Mystery at Mount Mountbatton

Inspector Pilkington is delighted when he is invited away for the weekend to the stately Mount Mountbatton by his oldest friend, Sir Cecil Mountbatton. The weekend turns sour when one of the guests is murdered at the dinner table, making everyone in the house look suspicious. Naturally the Inspector takes charge and with wild assumptions abound, he sets out to solve the case. Aided by Marmaduke an African Nile Parrot named Niles, the Inspector realises his life is in danger if he does not solve the case... Set in 1920’s England, The Manservant Mysteries is aimed at young adults (ages 12-16), but will be enjoyed by all who enjoy a good mystery. This is an absurdly funny murder adventure where you’ll fall in love with the eccentric lead characters.

Coming Soon: The French Inspection
Inspector Pilkington is invited to Paris by his annoying cousin Phillip to attend an exquisite fashion gala. While the Inspector is mesmerised by the hats on display, a fiendish murder is committed. Determined to show the French his detective skills, it’s up to the Inspector (and Marmaduke) to solve the case... and not throttle the irritating Phillip!